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“I had been suffering with shoulder pain for seven months due to a skiing accident. When I finally realised that the pain was not going to go away by itself I decided to book an appointment at the Back on Track Sports Injury Clinic at GL-14. After a thorough examination Stuart identified that the shoulder was displaced and after one treatment the shoulder was ninety percent better. Another follow up treatment rectified the problem, and I was finally able to get a good night sleep!”
Sarah Ward

“After 10 weeks of personal training with Leanne, I lost 9kg and a total of 17 inches across my body. The results of her training have meant I've not only dropped 2 dress sizes, but everyone I meet comments on my transformation.

Leanne has motivated me, pushed me to reach my targets and I've been amazed at how soon I noticed results from her fitness programs. She has especially helped me with both running and Pilates, always keeping the challenge diverse and at the same time interesting and achievable.

Most importantly to me, Leanne has re-educated me about nutrition and my attitude to exercise. She has taught me how to lose weight by making healthy choices and as a consequence, I now have more energy than ever and I feel great. So although the compliments of the initial weight loss are short term, in the long term she has helped me make the lifestyle change I had always struggled to maintain on my own. I know for certain I couldn't have done it without her!”

Jessica Taylor

“I have scoliosis (lateral curvature of the spine), which means that I have muscle imbalances, specifically, the muscles on the left side of my back are shortened and on the right side lengthened. I have to have a regular sports massage to manage this condition, and have been regular visiting Stuart at back on track for a couple of years. Thank you for all your help”
Simon Roberts

“I had suffered with chronic back pain on and off for as long as I could remember, and after visiting my GP I was told that Pilates would help. So I contacted Leanne and she taught me the fundamentals of this type of training. Within a matter of weeks the pain in my lower back had gone, and I have never since had a reoccurrence. Miraculous!”
Susan Pollen

“I decided to get myself a personal trainer as I had been accepted for the London marathon and it would be my first one. As expected I received sound coaching and program advice. What I didn’t expect was a running analysis during my initial assessment. It was then that I was made aware of potential injury risks that I had. During the next 6 months I combined my running training with specific conditioning exercises and sports massage and completed the marathon injury free!”
Melanie Lord



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