Do I need to book each Group Fitness session that I wish to attend?
No, just turn up to any of our fun, varied, calorie burning sessions!

If I wish to sign up to be a Group Fitness Member do I need to commit to a long contract?
Not at all, our membership is flexible, allowing you to pay 1 month at a time. So if you go on holiday you may wish to miss a month and start up again when you return.

How many treatments will it take to fix my injury?
At the initial assessment the therapist will give you a diagnosis and indicate how many sessions are likely. It is very rare however that more than 6 treatments are needed, and most injuries are resolved within 3 treatments.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?
No, many patients self refer.

How often should I train to see results?
We recommend you train consistently 3-6 times a week depending on the goals that have been set. Most clients have a personal training session once a week and we then design a specific program for them to do on their own. You can of course decide to have training sessions as often or as little as you like.

How often would I need a sports massage?
Depending on how frequently and intense you train. Your body will normally tell you, but try and get one before your body becomes too fatigued to reduce the risk of injury.

How does home personal training work?
It is amazing how little equipment and space is needed to have a good workout. Step and boxing equipment is used for cardio, and dumbbells, cable and the fit ball for resistance work. There is also an option to train outside, especially if running is your thing.

How does group training work?
Training in couples or small groups is obviously cost effective. But it also works great because the group can support each other in reaching their goals. It is however recommended that the group is of similar ability, but is not always essential.

How will I get support for nutrition?
Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand, and no matter what your goals are nutrition will play an important role. As part of the service of personal training you will get advice on how to improve your diet, whether it be for weight loss, building muscle, endurance events (such as running a marathon) or for any health reasons (such as osteoporosis).

What is the nutritional assessment?
It is a more in depth look at how what you eat affects you? The areas you will learn about include the food pyramid, glycemic index (GI), blood sugar levels, label reading, calorie intake and recipe ideas. The knowledge that you gain from this assessment will stay in the front of your minds forever and will help you and your family towards a healthier lifestyle.



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