Personal Training

Each of you will have individual goals that you want to achieve. Our personal trainers will teach you how to make this possible. It will mean that you will have to work at it, and some of the training may not be easy, but it WILL give you results.

Depending on your needs and desires we offer programs for fitness (general and sport specific), injury rehabilitation, muscle tone and strength, flexibility, balance and core stability. However we encourage that you work on all of these components of fitness. The end result being a fitter, better shaped, stronger and injury free you!

In the last 10 years the fitness industry has changed (for the better) dramatically. Equipment such as fit balls (oversized beach balls), bosu balls (half balls), cable resistance systems and power plate are now being combined with different training methods that encourage core stability, strength and power. These changes have meant that your workout routine can now be varied, challenging, progressive, sport specific, but most of all FUN!

We offer a variety of Personal Training including:

  • One to one PT – Either 1 hour sessions or 30 minute turbo sessions.
  • Group PT – A great way of getting all the benefits of PT and sharing the cost with a group of 2-5.
We also offer the following specialised group PT:

Advanced Pilates training for Woman
For those woman who want to take their Pilates technique to another level. The course will incorporate Pilates equipment, small/big balls, foam rollers and the TRX trainer which will push you to your limits and allow Leanne to focus on your perfect technique ensuring amazing body benefits.

Men’s Pilates/TRX
Focus on specific flexibility and strength training for the male body. Men often have different flexibility needs to a woman and are generally stronger in some areas. The course works with these factors and teaches the fundamentals of the Pilates technique utilising the TRX trainer, pilates balls and foam rollers.




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